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My organization has purchased the training. How can I get access to online STAT Training and Certification portal?

Once your order is processed, two automated emails are sent to the email(s) of the trainees listed in the order. It is possible that the automatic download instructions may go to your spam or quarantine folder (some customers have mentioned that). Please check for emails with these subject lines:
"VU e-Innovations Learning System subscription"
"Confirm your account at VU e-Innovations Learning System"

Is continuing education credit awarded for successful completion of the STAT Training Tutorial?

Currently we are unable to award continuing education credit for completion of the STAT Training Tutorial. Our team is working with Vanderbilt School of Medicine to resume accreditation.

After I purchase the STAT Test Kit how do I become trained?

Along with the STAT Test Kit, you will receive an access code that will enable a single user to log on to the web-based STAT Training Tutorial. Follow the on-line instructions to complete the tutorial and the post-test.

After completing the post-test, you will receive an on-line message with your final score indicating certification status. Our staff will monitor progress and email users a certificate of completion or instructions for next steps to achieving certification.

Additional individuals in your organization can be similarly certified with the purchase of additional kits or additional certification training tutorial logins. Please consult the Purchase Options page for more information.

After completing the STAT Training Tutorial, can I train others in my work setting to administer the STAT?

No. The STAT Training Tutorial is designed to certify individual users only. Additional clinicians in your work place are required to obtain certification through the STAT Training Tutorial or full participation in a STAT Training Workshop. For information about STAT Training Workshops, please contact Amy Swanson, M.A., at or (615) 322-6533.

I completed the STAT training and passed the Tutorial Post-Test. When will I receive the certificate?

Our team monitors progress and generally will email certificates every 2-3 weeks. For all time sensitive requests, please contact Amy Swanson, M.A., at or (615) 322-6533.

I completed the STAT training and did not pass the Tutorial Post-Test. What is the next step

Our team monitors progress and will contact you with further instructions, generally within 2 weeks. To expedite this process, please feel free to contact Ellen Grimes, or (615) 875-1738.

We have already purchased the STAT Test Kit. How do we purchase training certification for a new person?

Existing STAT™ customers may purchase additional online tutorial logins/viewings so that additional individuals within their organization may be certified to use the STAT. Each tutorial login is $200, and includes a printed manual that will be shipped to the customer. PLEASE NOTE: A maximum of 5 users may be certified per test kit. (Each kit ships with 1 user certification included). Additional STAT kit training/tutorial purchase option is available to only those who had purchased the STAT kit previously. This purchase option will be visible only if you login to VUeInnovations with the username/password. Please follow the steps below:
1. Please go to Additional STAT™ Certification/Online Tutorial product page
2. Use the “login” link at the top left corner of the page
3. Use you username (email) and password. If you forgot your password, please use this link to reset password.
4 You will be able to continue the order to purchase the Additional STAT™ Certification / Online Tutorial $200 each.

How do I purchase additional STAT Test Protocols?

STAT Test Protocols are available for purchase in packets of 25. Please visit our purchase options page for more details.

How do I purchase STAT using a purchase order (PO) for end users at my institution?

Please visit our Agents page for checkout instructions for institutional buyers and purchasing agents.

Is the STAT available in Spanish?

A Spanish-language STAT Training Tutorial is currently in development. Please visit our website for more information.

What is the expected time for delivery of STAT materials and access to the online course?

Orders are typically processed and shipped within 5-10 business days. Tracking information will be available at that time.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions about the STAT?

Please visit our Contact page to submit your questions and contact information. A STAT Trainer will be available to answer your questions. If you have questions about missing or replacement materials of STAT kit, please contact Amy Swanson, M.A., at or (615) 322-6533

What published manuscripts are available on the STAT?

Several manuscripts are available on the STAT which you may find to be helpful references: